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Clayaveras is a handcrafted clay art, and clay animation digital collectibles. ClayaverasNFT also is the First Handcrafted Clay Skeletons NFT Collection on Cardano, with a unique art never seen before. At Clayaveras we want to create a club of friends who share the same vibe and the same interests. Through the art of Clay and Clay animations, we want to offer our community a CNFT space where they feel part of a project , which is constantly growing, participating in different international events and conferences and always working hard to bring new and unique things to our community. We are very grateful for the great support of our community and this is why we are always working to expand our Clayaveras brand. We will be constantly updating our progress. You can take a look at our Claymap to know about our future plans. Join us to write the story of Clayaveras together!


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The plans established in this document represent Clayaveras's objectives at the time of writing. The scope and nature of these The objectives are completely subject to changes and are In no way guaranteed. The Clay Map must be considered a fluid document and the Team reserves the right to update the document as necessary. The details enclosed are intended to be purely informational and based upon planned development of ClayaverasNFT and accompanying projects. This document should be considered a living document and will be updated whenever necessary. Nothing in this paper should be considered financial advice or used to inform financial or investment decisions. As always, please clay in a responsibly way. Please do not use the Clay Map For financial or investment decisions. Please note that the Clayaveras Team reserves the right to add to or make modifications to this list as required.

Phase 1:
- First arts development
- Twitter launch
- Community growth
- Discord launch
- OG and WL distribution
- Mint The Key - OG Club Access Key
- 100% royalty Distribution of secondary market Starts (Key Sales)
- Finish arts development
- Presentation of Clayaveras at cNFTcon Las Vegas
- Mint Clayaveras Tier 1: 3333 Clayaveras released to be Minted
- Reveal Party Airdrops for holders (20 NFTs) 2200 ADA Prize to be airdroped to Winners of differnt Contests
- Rarity chart
- Roles distribution
- Website Launch

Phase 2:
- Staking Clayaveras bought 250K $EXO to ensure Clayaveras's NFTs will be able to stake our NFTs on Cardano Land and receive rewards.
- NFT Conferences & Festivals Clayaveras team will be present in many NFT conferences, expositions and Art shows to make new contacts and show our Art to new collectors.
- LaBitconf Argentina
- Cardano Summit Mexico City
- Cardano Summit Buenos Aires Argentina
- Metaverse Miami
- Art Basel Miami Week
- Miami NFT Week
- Clayaveras Tier 2 release
- NFT AirDrop An exclusive and scarce collection will be air dropped to holders of Keys and Clayaveras Main Collection (Mutation Fuel NFT).

Phase 3: Coming Soon!




Founder - Clay Artist - Animations - Graphic Designer

Hey Fam. I'm "Monty" Founder and Creator of Clayaveras. Art has always fascinated me in all its expressions since my childhood. As a self-taught person going through different areas, I began to venture into art from an early age. Among them are plastic art, art with recycled materials, graphic art, music, etc... I I have worked for more than 20 years in the advertising graphic industry. in different areas: Graphic design, Marketing, Graphic Installation, and CEO. Current Student at Emurgo Academy. CNFT Collector since May 2021. Participating in mining many of the most popular CNFT projects


CoFounder - Community Manager


Q: What is Clayaveras?

A: Clayaveras is a NFT handcrafted clay art, and clay animation digital collectibles.

Q: How many NFTs are in the Collection?

A: The Clayaveras main collection has a total supply of 4965 NFTs.

Q: Where can I buy Clayaveras?

A: You can Buy Clayaveras at: JPGSTORE

What is Clayliens

Clayliens is a Collectible handcrafted Clay NFT Collection inspired in ALiens

Q: When is the Clayliens launch Date?

Q4 2023

Q: how can I get Clayliens?

By having at least One Mutation Fuel NFT you'll have acces to the mutation platform, where for every set of 2 Clayaveras + a small ADA fee (to cover the Minting fee) you'll get a Claylien!

Q: how many Clayliens can I get?

You can get as many Clayliens as sets of Mutation Fuel + Clayaveras you have!
(For every combination of 2 Clayaveras and 1 Mutation Fuel NFT you'll have the access to get One Claylien)